Legal Seperation


  1. Read – if you or your spouse have children under 18, read the Local Rule to learn what the Courts expect of you and find important information about how divorce cases will be handled to build cooperation, protect the best interests of the children, reduce conflict, and ensure safety.
  2. Local Rule (pdf)

  3. Sign Up for Class – You must both register for a co-parenting class within 30 days of your initial divorce filing.
  4. Complete Online Exercises – You both must complete the work on within 30 days of your initial divorce filing. Both parents should should then merge and exchange answers. Take this completed work to your co-parenting class, give a copy to your attorney, and bring it to all court appearances and meetings.
  5. Living Arrangements – Establish a plan for decision-making and living arrangements that will be best for your child. Review the following documents to help you accomplish this:
  6. Parenting Time Guidelines (pdf)

    Parenting Plan Proposal (pdf)

  7. Finances – You must both complete and exchange Financial Declaration Forms with all required attachments.
  8. Financial Declaration Forms (pdf)