Grandparent or Friend


Sadly, every day we see cases where families—and especially children—are horribly damaged because friends, grandparents, and other onlookers thought it was their job to run down one of the parents—to keep the conflict going.

These onlookers probably aren’t intentionally hurting the children, but that’s exactly what they’re doing.
Some good news is that every day we also see families who are helped by friends, grandparents, and other extended family who led the way in being respectful and courteous.

Some day not long from now, all of society will see that it’s wrong to inject parent and family conflict into children’s lives. And we’ll see that it’s doubly inexcusable for outsiders to add to that conflict. Because you care about these children, stop to consider how you can be a voice for respect cooperation, and courtesy.
You can be the healing power that helps a family most. Read the Lake County Judges’ pamphlet for parents in divorce. Become a voice for those values.

A fragile and deserving child will be better for your being a voice for peace, respect, and goodwill.